Thursday, September 21, 2017

jioFi m2s wirless router 57% off - 999 rupees grab now

Buy jiofi M2S pocket router at 57% off

Bought a phone but don't have 4G facility? Don't worry about this. You can now enjoy jio 4G service on your wifi enabled 2G or 3G phone.

Jio is largest network in india which given all Jio users 90Days free data which never been happen in this world. Jio is the only network which complete the milestone of 100milion in 120 days. So jio now offering at 399 rupees - Unlimited calls | Unlimited sms | Unlimited jio service | Per day 1Gb 4G data for 84 days.
So don't hesitate to buying this product at just rupees 999 only.

Jiofi m2s specifications-

  1. Download speed-150
  2. Memory capacity-32GB
  3. Call support
  4. Battery 2300 mAh

Buy jiofi M2S-

  • You getting 57% off 
  • Original price of this product without offer 2329
  • Offer price is - 999 rupees
Buy from here- Amazon link | Flipkart Link

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

truecaller v8.87 premium subscribed apk

Download truecaller latest premium subscribed apk

Truecaller introduced the clean and spam free service in the world since some years. True caller have span detector for call - text message . Along with that true caller let you transaction for Money with the latest update from 2months earlier. Search every contact every phone number with truecaller otherwise truecaller is able to detect any unknown contact name with some personal information. We all appreciate the truecaller team to built the innovative idea and the innovative application.

This truecaller application would be more enhanced because of premium subscription init.So download truecaller premium apk from down below link.

250 million people trust Truecaller every day to identifying unknown calls, block spam calls and spam SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with people who matter.

Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communication safe and efficient. 

Truecaller is a Powerful Dialer: 
- The world’s best Caller ID will identify any unknown caller
- Block spam and telemarketing calls  
- See names of unknown numbers in the call history
- Flash messaging - Share location, emoji & status in a flash to your friends 
- Know when your friends are free to talk

Smart SMS app: 
- Automatically identify every unknown SMS 
- Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS 
- Block by name and number series 

Truecaller has full dual SIM support! 
Truecaller will not upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable.  

What's New- 

* Now scan any number with your camera and find its name on Truecaller
* Improved protection from spam SMS
* Various bugs fixed

Earlier updates:
* Many new themes including Pitch Black
* Spam Folder - keep all your junk spam SMS away from your Inbox

Mod log-

  1. Premium subscribed
  2. Play protect support
  3. No bug for now

Download Truecaller 8.87 premium subscribed apk-

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to access darkweb in Android device

We bringing the world in our hand with the help of Internet. What we need just search in the web and the result is just on the screen. What we got in internet are Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Yahoo and Porn indeed. These were some basic popular web examples that we can directly access from any browser.
On other side not only webpage some could be accessable via their official application. So,here we just exploring the web in various ways. But web isn't just ended here,we need to know the layer of web. There are three layers of web these are Surface-web, Deep-web, Dark-web.

What is Surface-web, Deep-web, Dark-web-

Most probably with a research has proved that we just use 4% web rest of 96% are using for Deep and darkweb.
Let me just briefly make you understand what it means.

Web is created with three layers. They are-

  1. Surface-web
  2. Deep-web
  3. Dark-web


Surface-web is where normally any internet users can access with any browser. Like our daily basis we just use to get help, Chatting , reading blog, Reading news, watching Porn, Listen Music and Download portal, Video websites and so on. For some examples- Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Savan, YouTube, Porn website and my blog website as well.


Deep-web is where normally any internet users can't access with any browser. DeepWeb is accessable only to the administrator where government and academic records, cop logs, medical records, competitor websites, scientist report, subscription information are collected and many more are available.


Darkweb is the place of human trafficking, Black hat hacker, drug trafficking, Child porn. One word for darkweb is illegal open community.

How to access Darkweb using Android device

Disclaimer- I or Netcraz don't encourage any viewers to use Darkweb for illegal activity. This post is only for knowledge gaining & educational purposes.

 As you know you can easily access Surface web without any restrictions but DeepWeb isn't accessable for normal users and Darkweb is only accessable with TOR browser. So we need TOR for Android. So Download Tor for Android from here- Download Tor/Orbot from Playstore
And yes need to download Orfox browser for more safety- Download Orfox browser

Note- Must have to install both of them first before doing next step.
 After installing both Orbot and Orfox open Orbot first. You will see an Start and browser button. Tap on Start button and wait till the onion become gray to green.

After successfully TOR connected you can notice the onion became green. So now just press Browse you will redirect to Orfox browser automatically.
When the Orfox browser open automatically a connection automatically will access with a link which will show you - 
This browser is configured to
use Tor.

So you are ready to go.
Here goto this following website to access Darkweb link Address-    Open this link in Orfox browser only to access darkweb.

Monday, September 18, 2017

How to Download and Use mAadhaar digital app

How to Download and use Mobile aadhaar application

Aadhaar is new identify biometric card in India to bring whole country and separately allows Indian citizens to bypass payment transaction in biometric ways. Aadhaar is mandatory in india plus whatever you do or what you going to do need aadhaar verification with biometric process.

The mAadhaar app has been launched in July 2017 by Unique Identification Authority of India. This application has made for to carry your information into your smart phone.
To use Mobile Aadhaar (mAadhaar) on your smart phone requires phone number registration with their main aadhaar.

What is usages facility of mAadhaar-

mAadhaar (Mobile Aadhaar) allows you to lock unlock biometric data. Once you lock your biometric data the security holds the lock while not you unlock the biometric. The lock will be held for temporary for some times. With mAadhaar you can view and update some information also. But for prevent the abuse mAadhaar uses OTP (One time password) security.

To Download mAadhaar application just follow this link- Download mAadhaar
  • Then just open the mAadhaar Application and set a password then enter your Aadhaar number either you can scan the QR code from your Aadhaar card.
  • Once you enter the Aadhaar number or scan the QR code a OTP automatically  send to the linked phone number.
  • After the OTP verification you are ready to use the digital identification application.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Best free cloud storage that never let your stuff lost again

Best free Cloud storage 

We never want to lost our important stuffs such as Images, personal video memories, various documents.
Sometimes either get lost our phones , or stolen. On other side either phones gets formatted or SD card gets ruined.
All these situations once have to suffer in your life either you had in past.

So in that case you need a storage that will not never deleted accidentally in any case either your phone stole or SD card get ruined. So we need Cloud disk for that.Here I got some best and trusted list in below for you.

Free Best and secure cloud storage list 

Check all the cloud storage service from below.

No- 1 Google Photos (Unlimited Photos and videos storage)

Never worry about running out of space on your phone again. Photos that are safely backed up can be removed from your device's storage in just a tap.
Your photos are now searchable by the people, places and things in them - no tagging required.
Get automatically created movies, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos. Or easily create them yourself.
Use the intuitive and powerful editing tools to enhance your photos and bring them to life. Adjust lighting, contrast, color, and vignette, or pick from 14 innovative photo filters to make your pictures look great in one tap.
Tell better stories, without the work. Automatically get a new album with just your best shots after an event or trip, then invite others to add their photos.
Don't waste data texting and emailing photos. Instantly share photos with any contact, email, or phone number, right from the app.

No- 2 Degoo (100GB storage)

Degoo has 128bit encrypted security.
100 GB free cloud drive! 

Back up your data directly from your device. Choose what you want to backup, like your photos or docs and we store it all securely in Degoo's cloud drive. Degoo allows you to bring all your photos, videos, music and documents anywhere. All with top security. Store and share your files free forever with Degoo, the ultimate all-in-one cloud drive for your mobile phone or tablet.  


MY FEED: Get your own personalized feed with all the best memories from your past. We use artificial intelligence to select the photos that matter the most to you. Whenever you open it you will find new photos you have not seen in a while. 

TOP SECURITY: We encrypt all your stuff using military grade encryption before uploading them to the cloud drive. This ensures that all your files are stored securely with maximum privacy.

AUTOMATIC: We detect when you snap a new photo with your camera or add some files and make sure your backup is always up to date. Never think about backup again! We backup, store and sync all your data for you automatically directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

RELIABLE: At Degoo we store triple copies of each file to ensure they are always there when you need them. Just upload them into our mega secure storage explorer and access them whenever you like.

STREAMING SUPPORT: With our easy to use full screen stream player you can access all your videos and music streams in realtime without having to wait for the download to finish.

EARN EXTRA FREE GB: You can easily get more space by either watching an optional sponsored video or by upgrading to our pro account.

REMOTE ONLINE ACCESS: Keep all your data in the cloud and access it from all your devices. Get instant access to all your office documents, like text docs, pdf, zip archives and notes wherever you are, within minutes. Degoo lets you download your files from your cloud drive to any device in the world, all around the clock.

SIMPLE FILE EXPLORER: List all your files in our explorer and use our easy file viewer to access and share your files and folders directly in the app. Keep all your information at your fingertips, store everything in your own folders and sync any time you want to fully back up your data. 

SUPER EFFICIENT AND FAST: The app is very light-weight and uses minimum RAM, battery and CPU. Keep your memory space and power usage to more important work tasks and enjoy super fast uploads.

AUTOMATIC LOGIN: Let our smart sign in assistant help you login to all your devices without having to use your keyboard or remember any password.

UNLIMITED DATA TRANSFER: Send all your content for free with our send file plugin, using the same military grade security as when storing your files. You can share as many files as you like to help you stay connected with your friends and colleagues and you will get a convenient list of a all the files you have sent from your smartphone. The files can be shared with all apps that support https URLs.

EASY TO USE: We have recently recreated our file manager from scratch. This new version has led to a much cleaner interface and easier design and made it super easy to stay on top of your work tasks. Just drop all your files into Degoo and let us take care of the rest.

No- 3 Google drive (15GB Storage)

Google Drive is a safe place for all your files and puts them within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Files in Drive – like your videos, photos, and documents – are backed up safely so you can’t lose them. Once there, you can easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders.

With Drive, you can:

- Safely store your files and access them from anywhere.
- Search for files by name and content.
- Easily share files and folders with others.
- Quickly view your content.
- Set access levels for who can view, comment, or edit.
- Quickly access recent files.
- See file details and activity.
- Enable viewing of files offline.
- Use your device camera to scan in paper documents.
- Access pictures and videos from Google Photos.

No- 4 G cloud ( 10GB storage)

✮✮New: Memories: Your life preserved, go back in time to calls from a year, view videos and all other data from the Memories tab✮✮

► Auto Backup Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos (at full resolution), videos, music and more
►Backup Camera, Whatsapp, viber photos and videos
► Start with 1 GB free and earn up to 10 GB easily
► Automatic upload when WiFi is available and plugged in
► Access your messages, call logs, download contacts, share music, videos and view photos from the web:
► Protect the App with a passcode
► Protect more than one device
► Secure data transfer (Secure Socket Layer) and storing (256-AES) on Amazon AWS 
► Easily move to new devices and preserve everything
► One tap sign up with Email, Google+ or Facebook 
► No rooting or special configuration required
► Backup External SD cards
► Restore/migrate to a new device with a tap
► Backs up every version of all files
► Advanced options to change daily schedule, disable automatic schedule, upload over 3G, and more


1- Download G Cloud for FREE
2- Create an account
3- Select what to backup


1- Download G Cloud for FREE
2- Log in to your account
3- G Cloud will detect is this is a new phone and will move all your memories to the new phone

If you have any questions or inquires please contact: 
Before submitting a comment, we will get back to you ASAP
Thank you :)

✮✮ Protect your apps settings, game levels, app customizations, and more with G Cloud Apps Backup. FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY.
To activate, please open G Cloud> and go to the Store. ✮✮

✮✮NEW FREE: G Cloud Backup for iOS✮✮
● Migrate contacts, photos, videos, and calendar from Android phones to iPhones and vise versa
● Protect all your Android phones, tablets, iPhone, and iPad under a single account

No- 5 Box (10GB storage)

Browser link | Application

Securely store, manage and share all your files, photos and documents with 10GB of free cloud storage from Box.

With Box, you can easily:
* Access and work on all your files at your fingertips
* Access your content online, from your desktop, and on your Android phone or tablet
* Share important documents, contracts, visuals and more 
* Preview 200+ file types with full screen quality
* Give feedback from anywhere by commenting and mentioning colleagues and partners 

Box for Android features:
* 10GB of free cloud storage to back up all your docs
* Upload PDFs, Microsoft Office files, photos, videos and other files to Box 
* View and print 200+ file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, AI, and PSD
* File-level security controls
* Offline access to files and folders
* Share huge files with just a link - no need for attachments
* Add comments to documents to send feedback
* Real-time search
* Search within PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word files
* Updates feed to find recently viewed or edited files
* Open files in hundreds of partner apps that let you annotate, e-sign, edit and more.

No- 6 Onedrive by Microsoft (5GB storage)

Do more wherever you go with Microsoft OneDrive. Get to and share your documents, photos, and other files from your Android device, computer (PC or Mac), and any other devices you use. Use the Office mobile apps to stay productive and work together, no matter where you are. The OneDrive app for Android lets you easily work with your personal and work files when you’re on the go.

• Quickly open and save OneDrive files in Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
• Easily find photos thanks to automatic tagging.
• Get notifications when a shared document is edited.
• Share albums of your favorite photos and videos.
• Access your most important files offline.

For you to sign in to OneDrive for Business, your organization needs to have a qualifying SharePoint Online or Office 365 business subscription plan. You cannot sign in with an account from an on-premises directory. Camera upload, search, sort, and the ability to add OneDrive for Business accounts are available only on devices running Android 4.0 or later.

This app is provided by Microsoft. Data provided through the use of this store and this app may be accessible to Microsoft and transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States or any other country where Microsoft or its affiliates maintain facilities.

No- 7 Dropbox (2GB storage)

Browser link | Application

Dropbox keeps your files and your team in sync. Anything you save in Dropbox can be easily accessed from all of your devices. Sending large files is easy, even to people who don’t have a Dropbox account. And with features like the doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more, collaborating with others is simple.

• Work on files with others through shared folders
• Use the document scanner to turn receipts, whiteboards, and notes into PDFs
• Comment on files to share feedback with your team
• Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files.