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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Free calling apps Using data collection (2g/3g/wifi)

Three free call apps Allow Call worldwide which is totally free.
Both them Need Internet connection.
1st- application Is Nanu which can provide free call On 2g connection.
Also can send Sms or Call Unlimited to Nanu Users.
Download Nanu(Nanu isn't Live)
2nd-Whatscall give 1000 credit on signup
and also give credit to view Ads.
same as all Whatscall to whatscall is unlimited free.
Easy and clear Cristal quality call.
load Whatscall
3rd- Dingtone also a good app Allow to call Free.
Purchase call credit by Download apps view ads too.
can call anonymously to any caller.
and lots features included On these three apps.

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