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Friday, April 28, 2017

Enable two step authentication On Facebook | Prevent from hacking

Setup two factor authentication on Facebook

Everything is hackable but if you not just easy for everyone.
We attached our Life with Facebook.
But Some Users Usees easy password who could easily trapped by Social engineering.
Not just that After Hacking Your Facebook the hacker can Do anything that you never been dreamed.
So This tutorial I'll share how We could Stay safe.

Enable Two step authentication Security

-First of all You'll have login to your Facebook
-Settings & Privacy

-Security and login

-Use two factor authentication

-Press on "Setup"

-Press on "Start setup"

-Press "Continue"

-Check Phone or email & give the 6digit code in the box

-Give a "✓" symbol on "No thanks, require a code right away.

Now You're all Done.

Now No one won't be able to Login your account if The guy already find your password. The guy have to Give also The Code which will send Facebook Everytime when Login from an Unrecognizable device. 😎

Note- Whenever you Login from new device or Browser A Code Will Send to your Register Phone number or Email Id.


Stay safe - stay Cool.
keep visit Netcraz.com

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