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Saturday, April 29, 2017

How to Find Lost phone

How to find lost phone

This Tutorial I'm gonna share How To Find your Lost Phone. Not even India This works All over World.
Although This Tutorial Only For Android Device.
There is more you can Do with it.
So Lets move For this Easy Tutorial.

Trace lost phone by Android device manager

  • -Goto Your Device Setting
  • -Security

  • -Device Administrators

  • - Now There you'll find (Android device manager)
  • -Tick there to enable it.

This is Final Step-

after all setup done Goto this link android device manager sign-in with the same Google Account that you synced in device.

Here You can Remotely •Ring •Lock•Erase•Locate your device

•Locate device location if gps on
•Ring will shout your phone loudly
•Lock your device
•Erase everything that left on device

So here what you can Do. 😎

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