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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How to improve battery life of your phone

Basically a battery comes with a Device with Two variant - Li-Ion & Li-po.

If you look out that now every phones Rolling out with Li-po batteries.

Li-po batterie has more ability to Hold charge long time and Other side This is safe.

Check out whether your device got Li-po or Li-Ion.

Tips for battery improvement-

If you got Android then I'm sure its have battery draining issue or device got hit.

Do you Know All those apps are available on Playstore and Promise you to Save your battery They are all Doing Battery draining instead of saving.

The reason​ is They Certain stop some app but they starts working again..

But here have another catch that's The Battery saving app Also Doing 🔋 lower.

"Uninstall all Battery saving apps that you installed your phone"

"Stop background proceed Apps"
To check what apps are running background [Goto Setting-App manager- Running Apps]

"Uninstall apps that you Don't Use"

"Don't use your device When charging"

"Charge your phone in Power off mode. This will place your Battery health Healthy."
Final Tip

If you got Li-po battery then you can Overcharge it because Li-po have resistance to Take Over charge.

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