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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Speed up Any Android Device Without Any Apps

Speed up Any Android without Any App

Android Os

Android is now Part of our Life.. 
On Other side people Recommend to user More than IOS.

Globally Android Gaining Day by day.

Android Growing Apps Are Growing.

Some Guys Uses Some Application To speed up their phones. Ex- CM,360secrity etc.

All these stuffs Don't speed up your phone. They Also Junk Its self.
Now You Can Ask Why I'm saying that.?

if You Notice Properly you could see some ads when You open the app and Try to clean up Some Audio , banner,video Ads appears Those Ads Saves To your memory,The app Always running background,Eat Battery.

So Here I'm share how to speed up Your Android device.

-Goto Phone setting
-About Phone
-Build number (Press 5-8 time over the Number)
-You wil see (Now you are a Developer)

Now Back from there "2times"=Then You will see "More"= "Developer Options"(Turn it on)

-Window animation Scale .5x
-Transition animation Scale .5x
-Animation Duration Scale .5x

Now You're​ all Done.
Watch Video Tutorial-

Others Tips- [Uninstall All Unused Apps,Or Stop them, Don't use any clearer Apps But In order to Clean cashed or WhatsApp Then Install Clean master or whatever you use After cleaning Uninstall the app]

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