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Monday, April 17, 2017

What is Google AdSense | How AdSense Works

Half an Hour We Surf internet Minimum Times. 

We Read some Blogs,Open Any Website To download Something,Open YouTube.

But here the Main Concepts Comes When You notice Some "Ads" in any Website/blog/YouTube.

Have you ever Asked​ Yourself Why These Ads are Here?

So.. continue reading I'm Not gonna make You Bore . 😁

Firstly These ads are not appear manually. When The Blog/Website/YouTube Admin Links There Sites or channel To AdSense they Start Earning From The AdSense Revenue.

Google Tie with Some Companies Or Organization To Spread Their Ads. Therefore​ Google Takes Money from Company and Then Google Give small Amount to The the "Ad Publisher" as per -
"Traffic"= The Visitors Who See ads.
"CTR"= Click Through Rate= 1 of 100 who see the ads and Click on Ad.
"CPC"= Cost Per Clicks= every Clicks over any Ads.

So I easily Explained what Is AdSense & how a AdSense works. 

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