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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Hack Facebook Account | 2017 Latest Trick

Hack hacking 2017 latest

Hacking was always Crime But here I putted a Hacking method which is Called "Phishing".

Note- Don't use it for illegal purpose,this is only for knowledge purpose.

Yeah I know you'll sure try it once to hack someone. My duty was warned you that 've done.

so Lets Go for Hacking Facebook:-

Step1- Goto this link to signup Link

Step2-Then Login there you'll find a Facebook chart.select any chart to make a fake Facebook profile.

Step3-Here has important part to hack someone.
1- give a cover
2- give profile pic
3-Your name
4-work at
5-studies at
6-lives at
When all input correctly done Tap over "Create"

Step4-Here you are after another page mentioned "Click here" just tap on there
Step5- Now here you'll find a link like this screenshot.Copy the link and send it to the victim.

That's​ It.

•When Your victim​ open the link the Link page will looks like below screenshot
•When the Victim press on "add friend" Victim have to login
•Now victim give "User ID" and "Password"

√Here again login into "Shadowave

√press "my victim"

√There if Victim login attempted the "User Id" & "Password" will be there

I've mentioned and elaborated here all steps one by one.

IF you Facing any Problem so Feel free to Comment below or To my Facebook page- TechinTechno

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