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Saturday, May 27, 2017

How to delete WhatsApp Backup from Google drive

How to delete WhatsApp Backup from google drive

WhatsApp is number one social network Real Timing messaging app around the World compare to others Social networks.

WhatsApp brings & bringing lots features day by day. Is here another feature is called backup into drive. Once you backup to drive it saved there but Mobile users Can't find the backup directly from their Android or other devices.In order to delete backup file what you gonna do?

Lets explore how you can delete WhatsApp Backup file from Drive.

• Goto - from your Phone.

• Sign in if you not done.

• Here you'll not get the backup file.

• Just Goto Your Browser settings & Enable desktop View

• Here now you have backup Section

• Tap over Backup  

• There you will have all Backup files that including WhatsApp too.

• Tap on WhatsApp Backup file and Again tap On "Delete Icon"

• So here this simple way you can delete Your WhatsApp Backup from Google drive.

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