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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Reliance Jio Speed capping Resolved

Jio Fastest APN

Sometimes Jio gets Network problem so there we find speed capping Problem.

Either Uploading or Downloading.

Finally I got to figure it out,so I tried something new and find Useful Way to Speed up - Downloading and Uploading issue to resolve.

although This was not master science Experiment​ but still i got best Life hacks method 😉

so Here the wee method-

apn- www


apn- jio4g


apn- jionet

Points- When Jionet speed got slow try "www" or vinternet"

when you want more upload speed try "" or "jio4g"

there are my Some Apns For Jio Network.

To Use them

Settings-More-Cellular Networks- Access point Names- Create your new apn.

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