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Monday, May 01, 2017

Take Screenshot to any Java Phones | asha

I've got many requests to update Tricks for Nokia Asha Phones.

So This Tutorial to Asha & other java users.
Take screenshot on Java Phone

Download OperaminiEvelated
 Step -I:
Open OperaMini Elevated on your phone. After installation goto Menu > Tool > Settings > General

Step - II:
Select Path for saving screenshot and check box Image size then save the settings

Step - III:
Goto Menu > Tool > Settings > Navigation and Check box "Shortcut" Context Menu 
and again save the setting

Step -IV:
Hold your thumb on any webpage and goto Content > Edit.
Check box Screenshoot and save it

Step - V:
Now open a webpage and hold your thumb for a while on the screen and tap on Content > Screenshoot

so This step take 2min but After this step Just have to Long Press anywhere over Webpage and -(content-Screenshot)

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