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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Enable WhatsApp and All Apps Chathead On your Android device

Chathead in WhatsApp

Chathead is familiar in Facebook messenger right?

Facebook did a nice work to enhance your chat fluently.You can reply when you are doing another work on your device there no need to open the messenger. Oops sorry lets talk about our main topic.

I'm sure you didn't use it before because it's paid but yeah might use free version.Any app is support for chathead including system ui notification. 

So,Here talk about particular features:-
You cannot enable chathead from your system so thereby you have to download "Notification in bubble" Download Here.

Next :- Install and open 
This app will ask you for video Tutorial (process if need Tutorial)

Then again "Notification in bubble" will ask two permission to process.
Give all two permission process 

When two Permissions are done No need to do anything.

Key features:-
You can enable or disable any app for access via "Notification in chathead"
-And yeah this app has more customized.

-App Features:-
Can be reply any messages from Chathead.

So That's it!

Just download and install and then Give permission, finally you ready to go.


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