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Monday, June 12, 2017

How to change Facebook name After limitation of changing

Change Facebook name after limitations

Have you done crossed your Facebook name changing limitation?

° Then what should you do now to change your current name to get back the Original ?

According to Facebook condition you can't change your name 2 times or after so that is another headache.
Facebook always try their users use real name but also they give opportunity to correct it by Contact with them. I'll explain that matter next time.Whatever this method is pretty good to get back your previous name but your can't change your name custom or manually like Facebook previously does.

Before going to this process I want to make sure that you cannot Use name manually, Process is only if you want your previous name that your used the name with this account.

•First goto and Login
•came back again to my site again goto this link
•Will ask you give New password

•Enter new Password
•Then "Continue" button while asking

•Now a new button will be appear "Name with drop-down box" press there

•Select any name from there and save.

So this Facebook trick is done.. 

Condition- By using this method you cannot use same password anymore.
For more information you can goto Facebook help.

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Till then bye.. 😊
have a good day.

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