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Friday, June 30, 2017

How to Run Two similar app in one Android device

How to run two WhatsApp in one smartphone

What's up chillams ? 

Today I will explain How to run two Similar app in one Android device.

I know I know some expert will say"Rahul I know it's Parallel space"

Yeah it's Parallel space but Here this Parallel space is pro version.

Newbie who wants to Know how to done this so please read and follow clearly.

First of all Download Parallel space From here Parallel space-Pro

or go-ahead download the ad version from Playstore.

  • Now Install and Open the installed Parallel space
  • Press on + (plus) icon to add apps which want to use as second app
  • And then run the app inside from Parallel space.
Enjoy you're good to go for now.

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