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Thursday, June 08, 2017

OperaMini Free Internet with Latest Apn and Proxy

Today I'm going to Give Opera Mini Free Internet Tweak with new Apn & Proxy.

Many visitors have doubt that is legal or Ilegal.
so my Ans is ~ Totally Legal.
How surf free internet?
 In India Free Home is available on Airtel sim and as well as Aircel too,here we will bypass the homepage link for free internet surf.

Note:- If you are belong from Other country and have Airtel Sim this tweak may work.

So Lets Go:-

Requirements -

Airtel Sim Card(Zero balance)

 OperaMod For High Ram Download

 OperaMod For Low Ram Download

  1. Insert Airtel Sim to your phone
  2. Download any Operamod from above
  3. goto Phone Setting-> Cellular Network-> Apn-> New Apn-> Edit there as I'm mentioning below.
Name- Free


Save this setting.

  • Turn On data Connection on Airtel sim card
Run the OperaMod and wait for sometime

So That's It. 

Note- Airtel India Reduced​ their limit 250/month This isn't unlimited Internet tweak but useful .

Have a try and leave comment below if facing any problem,M always Available for help you.
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