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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Spy any WhatsApp users for Free and Unlimited | No need to spend​ money

Spy on WhatsApp user for free

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So lets back to main Post topic.
Some days ago I posted how you can Monitor your Facebook who dose check your Facebook Profile.

So in this post I'm going to give another Spying trick for WhatsApp. This trick is much ease and 💯% workable and Totally free.

WhatsApp Spy

Basically as my post very much depending on Android device therefore you need Android device to track any WhatsApp user around the world. And other hand it doesn't matter whether you  use WhatsApp or not,any one can easily lookup on any WhatsApp User.

I'm here not for support any illegal or nor here to Support criminal Activity. I'm just trying to make people​ more advance, Smarter and trying to make my followers awareful in Internet Field.

First- download this app from here - Download

Second- Install this app and Run it.

Third- Select Country Code from drop down box then give phone number of the person whom you wanna monitor next to the country code blank field and yes give any name as your wish. After that Press Follow.

Condition-(If the person is offline when you adding him/her phone number to surveillance then you have to wait till the person comes online)

Fourth- After successfully adding phone number you'll notice Blue line tap there.

Fifth- Tap over the blue line to Monitor the proper time.

Sixth- To monitor another person Tap Over "Face" logo.

Other Feature- You can compare/surveillance two number in same time.

My Final Word- When You Installing this app you'll get 7 days trail but don't worry Just clear the app data and again launch it. If you don't know how to clear data then Simply Uninstall the app and again install.

Here I done my Work. For any question or Query you can Comment below or Join my Facebook Page.


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