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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Unlock locked Android phone in a minute

Unlock Android phone without password

I think title described the whole concept about this topic.

Ok let me more describe it separately.

This method will 100% work almost any Android phones so go ahead for a test. but when you should use? 
-like you have an Android and you set a lock (pattern/pin) so you forgot the pass code. 

-Mobile repairing shop?
-Service center?

forgot all those 1st give a try yourself.

Disclaimer- Don't use for illegal purpose coz I don't support any Ilegal content. This post only for knowledge purpose.

This method is pretty much ease. but first time not so easy 😁

Note- This process totally erase whole thing that you using your internal storage including (call logs, contact, messages, Installed apps,video-music, images)

So let's go-

-Take any phone that already locked.
-Do power off.
- Now here comes main process

For Samsung Users -( Hold home key and Volume up ) button at the same time.

For non Samsung Users-( Hold Volume up and Power key ) at the same time.

- After that you'll get the BIOS/Boot menu

- At this time Just do [Wipe data/factory reset]

That's it.

-Reboot system now from Boot menu.

[This same method will also help you when you stuck at booting ]

If you using 5.0 to above then Android maybe ask the old email that you already sync with the device,just give the email and Done...

For any Question leave comment below.

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