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Monday, July 31, 2017

How to create and verify PayPal account

Create and Verify your own PayPal account

Important Notice:- To make a PayPal account there compulsory required P.A.N [ Permanent Account Number ] & A Email account.

 PayPal is the Biggest platform to send and receive Credit/Money one person to another person,One country to another country. Those your Money you receive can be withdraw from your 🏦 Bank.
As a Webmaster I can feel how important having a PayPal account. So without wasting any time lets start right now.

  • First goto this Sign up Link - Create PayPal account
  • Now if you are student then simply select individual or if business man then select Business.
  • Fill Your Name as PAN card and currently fill others correct details during sign up
  • Now just accept their policy and "Click Continue"
  • After successfully Sign up. Goto your email inbox to verify.
  • after verification just Sign in and PayPal give you some task "add bank account or add Credit/debit card"
  • This step also very important part of it. I would like to recommend you to add bank account. Therefore You need a bank account and IFSC code of the bank branch.
  • Give correct Account Number and IFSC code.
    [ You can use any bank account like- Your mom/dad/bro if you don't have]
  • Wait for 1week because PayPal will send on your bank account small 2 credits to verify your PayPal account.

So That's it. your are done.

Hope you'll like this Tutorial.
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