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Saturday, July 08, 2017

How to Hide - Last seen | Double tick| Read tick and much more on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Privacy-Hide Online Status in WhatsApp

Love Whatsapp messenger?
if answer is yes then definitely you don't like the privacy system that provides WhatsApp. We have full right to control our Privacy as our choice. Bunch of Privacy that WhatsApp provide 😁 that's really trouble for me because I connected with lots of people and I usually can't read all messages at same time and that is whats hurt them.

So how to hide privacy on WhatsApp ?

First I have been done with WhatsApp tweaks but I didn't got what I wanted.

So Finally I recharch a lot in Google and I find Modwhatsapp.We can do everything that we want.

Lets start-

- Take a chat backup if your messages are important and don't wanna lose them.

- Now just Uninstall the WhatsApp that's being use.

- Download this Mod Whatsapp and install [ Download Here ]

- After Installing the WhatsApp verify and if you have done chat backup then give restore permission and Done.!

Privacy setting Screenshot-


Hide Privacy
Change theme
Send uncompressed video
No limitation In status video
and much more.

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