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Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Root Android device without Pc and with pc

Root Any Android device without Pc and With Pc (6.0+)

Many people wants high end features to their Android device which can't be able without rooting. 
Like you want to Change you ROm need Root access.
To change Booting startup animation need root access.
To remove unwanted bloatware need root access.
To Change font need root Access.
To Gain battery Power need root access.
To Change Tiles need root access.
To block ad need root Access.
To hack Wifi need root access.

That's it how Root is important on our Android device.

Moderators and geeky Guys must have root but Wait Root can Void your warranty but Now many Company support Root thereby don't have to worry about anything.

So First we will learn how To Root Android Device Without Pc-

This step is safe Method won't your device brick or Boot failure.

✓ Goto This Following Link to Download Kingroot [Download Here]


Download OneclickRoot as device purpose from this Link [Download Here]

✓ So after Downloading just install anyone Rooting app to your Android device.

✓ Open them and Press Root. But Yes Keep your data connection On (Need 50kbps speed)

✓ Wait for little while for totally root.(device maybe boot Automatically after rooting,this isn't issue)

So Without Pc Rooting is done.

Now we will Know how to root device with Pc ( 6.0+6.0.1 or above)

This process will help 6.0 Marsmellow to higher device because Without pc can't be Root.

So lets Start-

✓ Goto Wondershare Website Download and Install the Tunesgo app in Pc.

✓ Then just Connection your Android device with data cable. (Must have to Enable Usb dubbing from your device devlopers setting)

✓ The Tunesgo app Automatically detect your device. Now just click on "Root"

✓ That's it. This process may take upto 5-10min.

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