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Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to Zoom in Instagram profile photos and Download Instagram Photos or Videos

Instagram mod-Zoom into Instagram profile picture-Download Instagram Photos and videos

All you know Instagram is one of most popular Social network application. Playstore got hits by 1billion users of it.While Facebook and WhatsApp is also 1billion users hits in Playstore.
Instagram is property of Facebook that's why Instagram hits Playstore in few months.

According Facebook users and Instagram users both are connected with each one either they connected by Facebook to Instagram or Instagram to Facebook. But It's not our main topic of this post.

The main topic is that Instagram isn't full functional like you cannot Save any Instagram Photos and Videos those your loveable person Upload on it. and more functional thing like Photo zooming feature not available. Same Profile picture can be zoom. As I said You can't download Instagram Photo or video with the application but if you look forward there available 3rd party application and website to download those stuffs while some of those can't be download.

Whatever, In this Tutorial I'll explain How to Download any Instagram videos and Pictures,other side how to Zoom in into a Picture of Instagram.

✓ Step 1- Uninstall your official Instagram and Download this modIntagram or Oginsta+ from here> Download Here
(Remember this is totally safe I have scanned with all antivirus don't have any Unreasonable activity)

√ Step 2- Open it and login same as you do.

and You are done.


✓ Download any Photos and Videos by pressing gear Icon (have a look into these Screenshot)

✓ Photo Zooming ( Just long press over a picture 2-3sec and now you ready for Zoom in and zoom out)

✓ Profile picture can be zoom as same as photo Zooming.

✓ Other Useful features are available.

So that's it. I hope this Tutorial might help you. 

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