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Monday, July 17, 2017

Make free website with blogger Tutorial Part 2

Website making with blogger part 2

We learn how to Configure main layout and how to setup a blogger website in Part 1. [ Click to read Part 1]

Now we are on in Part 2.

In Part 2 we'll learn how to change the default theme / template and how to Change the looks with user friendly Ui.
This step might be little tough though you can do it,just follow the screenshot and read the text what I written.

✓ We leave Our First past at here and our ui looking like this

✓ Lets change the Template/Theme

✓ Download This theme/Template from
 here [Download] size 94kb

✓ click over "Backup/restore"

✓ Now click on "chose file"

✓ This is very important part just goto the folder where the "theme/template" file downloaded then click on the file "simple sangeet.xml"

✓ And Now just Click on "upload" and wait for 10second

✓ That's it. Now our Website will looking like This

So our Main Two Parts are over... Wait for part 3. Thanks for Read this post.


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