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Friday, July 21, 2017

Queencee free Internet Trick working

Queencee Free internet Trick *Working*

For some Visitors this post seems to them Fake. [ I would like to say them please stop reading this post, explore other stuffs ]

All you know data not available free to surf or use internet freely. Either you have to pay your broadband providers or Mobile network providers. This is not a matter today because everything can be hack or bypass by IP addresses to access Internet. In depth in this post we aren't literally hacking anything,this is Free Homepage bypassing way. We are going to bypass ISP Homepage to access Internet service.

So Lets start::-

Free Internet on Airtel Sim (world wide)


  • Airtel sim Card(zero balance)
  • Queencee Vpn
  • Android device

-Download Queencee VPN hui from here

-Install Queencee VPN and Open It.

-Turn on data connection to your Airtel sim card.

Here You have to Follow same my steps that I've mentioned here.For better understanding please view screenshots.

  1. add port to non port URL =1080
  2. Remove port must be [✓] checked
  3. Proxy Type= Duel Real Host
  4. Custom Header=X-Online-Host
  5. Proxy server= 1.airtel.in
  6. UserName=
  7. Password=
  8. Real Proxy Type= Default
  9. Real Proxy Type=

Now Save and Start.

Wait for 1-2 minutes for connecting Server.

If you getting slow speed then Change server as screenshot shown.

That's It.

Try to use 250mb per month.
Use another Airtel sim after 250mb limit usages. 
Change proxy server every day for avoid blocking free internet access.
Free proxy server are mentioned first screenshot.

Video Tutorial-


Try Yourself and Leave a comment whether working or Not working.

Have free Internet access.

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