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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hack Facebook and Hotmail with your phone

Hack Facebook account

Hack Hotmail account with z-shadow

Want to hack Facebook or Hotmail account?

Ok lets get jump on it.....

So I've been posted A Facebook account hacking method previously although many visits didn't understand how to configure all process.

And yes let me discuss all description about this method.

As same as the previous post of Facebook hacking there have big difference to this method. No need to upload anything or no need to set any name/cover.But the previous version was moreover workable as this method. And You should know hacking is crime so therefore if you cought by any illegal log than you would find yourself in jail. 

However, This method is based on Pishing but there are to many method to hack Facebook but those methods are tough in that case stay tuned with Netcraz.com for many hacking tips.

Note:- This is only for educational purpose only. Netcraz.com doesn't support any illegal activities

So this method does Facebook and Hotmail hack but you have to use social engineering skill.

Social engineering::-- basically social engineering is like to trapped someone by fooling them. Just follow hacking method you'll get it clear.

Lets Hack Facebook and Hotmail

Step1- goto this link and sign up with your accurate email address http://z-shadow.co/m/?do=register

Step2- then login to your account via this link http://z-shadow.co/m/

Step3- Chose what account do you want to hack in which language (See screenshot)

Step4- Then you'll lead to another page when you click over the flag symbol.

Step5- Just copy the url and send to your victim.

Important Note:- Copy url and Use URL shrinker As your choice. I'll recommend you to use http://tinyurl.com http://goo.gl shrink your long url and then Use Social engineering like screenshot Bellow 

So that's it..

For any Questions or queries please Leave comment below.


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