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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Android automation auto tasker assistant

Your Android automation auto tasker Assistant

Everyone wants that their Android do Automatically some important work. This is like Dreaming with open eyes but now you can do many important commands with this app. Its not like Google Assistant / Siri / Cortana this app is baap of all Assistant. Where Google Assistant / Siri / Cortana do some basic work but this app does advance work in your Android phone.

Most Important thing is that you can make a command your Google Assistant to post a Story to timeline which isn't possible Normally.
-This App can save your call logs | Sms in Google drive as Google sheets format.
-Can save your tagged Facebook pictures in your Dropbox/ Google drive.
-Able to Find your lost phone.
-Can automatically response your parents sms.
-Can change automatically wallpaper everyday.
-Automatically send you forcast report.
-Save your incoming email to google calendar.
-Can automatically post any Instagram Picture to your Facebook.
-Water drink reminders.
-Share blogger post to Facebook/Tweeter/Pinterest.
-Can automatically Ringer / Silent your device in purpose location.
-Able to share your location to your Parents email.
-Share Instagram video to Tweeter also.
-Share your Uploaded YouTube video to Tweeter.
And Many more....

Application Size is Less 7mb which never drain your battery.
Download From here- Download
You'll like this app on very first Day.
Enjoy.. This app And keep visiting

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