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Monday, August 21, 2017

How to register a freenom

Register a free domin from

Hey there..! 
              are you looking for free domin,then you are right place.

Note- Don't use for professional purpose. because if your freenom domin gets rank then freenom sell to others without any notification.

So we know rather than where both are same domin provider.
If you looking for .ml domin then you can go through
In this post I would like to use instead of

To register a free domin goto here -

Now Create an account or you can use your social network account to login.

After successfully login just slidly scroll down you'll find "Services" >> then chose "register a New domin"
you can use this link for that-

Here just find your desire domin name and just press "check availability"

Now "Select your Domin" and do "checkout"

This step is very important..! so follow properly.
After checkout do your domin "Period-3months to 12month" as shown above screenshot,then simply "Continue"
A new page will open>> give your name -surname chose country then "Order" your domin.

"I'll recommend you to use .ml domin because .ml browser and Google friendly"

You're done...! If you facing any problem leave a comment below.


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