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Saturday, August 19, 2017

How to turn off Facebook following

Don't allow public users to follow you on Facebook-Turn off Facebook following

Source of Facebook report Facebook has 2.1 billions monthly active users world wide. That's how you can get an idea how Facebook is growing faster and joining users day by day.
Anyway, Facebook have some limitations like you only make "5000" Facebook friends.So that's why Facebook has "Following feature" by using this option you can follow your love ones person if (he/she) got 5000 friends already.

To turn off Facebook Following first we need to know how to Turn on Facebook following.

To turn on Follow below steps-

Goto Facebook >> Profile >> Following >>Turn on Following

Turn off Facebook following-

Only use this step if you want public users not to follow you.

Goto- Settings & Privacy >> Public Post >> Who can follow me [ do it 'Friends']


Goto this link to avoid above steps- TurnOffFollowers

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