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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Track Instagram Users in Android device

How to Track Instagram Users In Android Device

As you know Instagram growing so fast than others Social network service.
Instagram has smooth and good ui.
I personally use Instagram more than Facebook.

But main things that all are in race to gain their followers in this decade.
But some users use a trick to gain followers as they first time start follow you whenever you follow the person back,the person unfollow you. 

Ok So we are here to track Instagram user in our Android device.
So you first download this app From Playstore - Download App (5mb)

-Now after installing just use this app to login your Instagram account using Instagram username and Password.

-Now after login you can Simpley track who has following you.
-Whom you  don't following
-as well as can read 25 comment for free.
- Application is totally Adfree.


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