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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Airtel Psiphon vpn handler free internet trick - New free homepage

Psiphon vpn handler free internet trick

Airtel free internet trick psiphon vpn

Airtel is world wide telecom network which provides calling and internet service.
Psiphon is VPN which can hide your IP address and lets you to secure your privacy to give you more freedom to explore the whole world.

I'm giving you free internet trick to compile Airtel network and Psiphon vpn.
In India Airtel internet is so expensive but we can use free internet in Airtel sim help with Psiphon vpn.
Not only india,you can use free internet if you have Airtel sim card.

Airtel free internet trick is most popular topic nowadays. You can easily configure all settings and best thing is that you can use free internet on your smart phone and pc as well.
Free internet access is totally legal. We aren't hacking anything and any server. We just bypassing free homepage of Airtel network.

Psiphon free internet in Airtel sim

To use free internet in Airtel sim card in your Android phones Download Psiphon handler from here- Download Psiphon handler

After Downloading Psiphon pro handler just do this set-up

  • Install the Downloaded Psiphon handler 
  • Turn on data connection on your Airtel sim card [ make sure you have zero balance ]
  • Open Psiphon handler and configure handler menu
  1. [✓] tick remove port
  2. proxy type Host or Real Host [ Choose anyone proxy type ]
  3. Proxy Server - 

Now don't touch any field and Save. Wait for server connection.

Now after connecting to the vpn server start surfing free internet. WhatsApp,Hike, Facebook explore Google, Wikipedia anything you want.

Note- 250mb per month limit in one sim card. So use 3-4 sim card to use more free internet.

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