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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Best online free Calling website 2017

Online Free calling sites

Remember which purpose the first Mobile phone which is made by Motorola company in 3 April 1973?  Functionally on that time Mobile was built for only calling and sms purpose.
Now Mobile become smartphone so therefore we can do anything with our mini phone carrying at any place anywhere. Nowadays the real phone call is diverted through VOIP or social networks. But some times we need to dial out calls like real phone calls. Calls need everytime but dial out phone call is costly if you want to do a International call in any country. Here I'm just going to share some websites that allows you free call in any country for free. Not only internationally even you can call in local number without any registration with free of cost. Wait a minute you have some confusion till now? Yeah I know you have confusion for free calling.
Free calling is really available but have limitation for calling per day. I have added a new website which is giving long time Calling for free which will be in the below list.

Latest and best Calling site-

To use free calling site need smartphone or desktop and Data connection.

(Sendatext allows you free calling during 2minutes four times per day = 8mintutes national and international free call without registration)

Others working free calling site-

How to do online free call-

  1. Goto any website of free calling ffom the list
  2. Then just select the country code of destination
  3. Then give the phone number and press call
  4. Then browser would ask microphone permission, Permit the permission.
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