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Monday, September 25, 2017

create whatsapp account without personal phone number

People hooked up with Whatsapp more than others social networks. Because Whatsapp break all possibility to give us more reliable messaging service that could be possible by them for us. Real time messaging, Video calling, Voice calling, File sharing of any type, Gif, Status update and many more.
But WhatsApp should give every users an unique id for better privacy reason. Not only friends and family we sometimes need to get connected with others for some business or any professional reason. So here is the main fact about the privacy concerns of our own contact number. (I'm expecting your thought about this matter in the comment box)

Create Whatsapp id without personal number

As you know Whatsapp need phone number to create an account,so here we will not use our personal phone number.
Instead of personal number we will use International number which is fully secure and trustable. For doing this we need to follow few steps,so lets start.

  1. So first Download 2ndline Application from here - Playstore | Apk-dl
  2. After Downloading and installing the application open it
  3. When you open 2ndLine Application it will ask for sign up
  4. So give there your email address and set a password. Then just press Sign up.
You can use temporary email services for sign up 2ndLine. Check Temporary email websites- Go Here
  • After signing up 2ndLine will ask you some permission please allow them
  • Then 2ndline will ask you to choose area code. To choose an area code I'll recommend you to choose Canada's area code- Area code list
  • Now after inserting three digit area code (ex:- 902) accept 2ndLine condition by pressing "I agree" button.
  • after that you'll see random phone numbers like below snapshot
  • Choose any number from the list and press continue
  • Now you'll see your new number like below snapshot
  • Try to create your whatsapp account with your 2ndLine number (remember in whatsapp choose proper Country ex:- Canada / CA then enter the 2ndLine number.
  • When you creating whatsapp account please choose call to verify whatsapp number. A call will arrive when you press "Call verification" A call will be connect in your 2ndline number from whatsapp for the verification code.
Hope you understand what I mean. If you have any problem then please leave a comment below.

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