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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to access darkweb in Android device

We bringing the world in our hand with the help of Internet. What we need just search in the web and the result is just on the screen. What we got in internet are Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Yahoo and Porn indeed. These were some basic popular web examples that we can directly access from any browser.
On other side not only webpage some could be accessable via their official application. So,here we just exploring the web in various ways. But web isn't just ended here,we need to know the layer of web. There are three layers of web these are Surface-web, Deep-web, Dark-web.

What is Surface-web, Deep-web, Dark-web-

Most probably with a research has proved that we just use 4% web rest of 96% are using for Deep and darkweb.
Let me just briefly make you understand what it means.

Web is created with three layers. They are-

  1. Surface-web
  2. Deep-web
  3. Dark-web


Surface-web is where normally any internet users can access with any browser. Like our daily basis we just use to get help, Chatting , reading blog, Reading news, watching Porn, Listen Music and Download portal, Video websites and so on. For some examples- Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Savan, YouTube, Porn website and my blog website as well.


Deep-web is where normally any internet users can't access with any browser. DeepWeb is accessable only to the administrator where government and academic records, cop logs, medical records, competitor websites, scientist report, subscription information are collected and many more are available.


Darkweb is the place of human trafficking, Black hat hacker, drug trafficking, Child porn. One word for darkweb is illegal open community.

How to access Darkweb using Android device

Disclaimer- I or Netcraz don't encourage any viewers to use Darkweb for illegal activity. This post is only for knowledge gaining & educational purposes.

 As you know you can easily access Surface web without any restrictions but DeepWeb isn't accessable for normal users and Darkweb is only accessable with TOR browser. So we need TOR for Android. So Download Tor for Android from here- Download Tor/Orbot from Playstore
And yes need to download Orfox browser for more safety- Download Orfox browser

Note- Must have to install both of them first before doing next step.
 After installing both Orbot and Orfox open Orbot first. You will see an Start and browser button. Tap on Start button and wait till the onion become gray to green.

After successfully TOR connected you can notice the onion became green. So now just press Browse you will redirect to Orfox browser automatically.
When the Orfox browser open automatically a connection automatically will access with a link which will show you - 
This browser is configured to
use Tor.

So you are ready to go.
Here goto this following website to access Darkweb link Address-    Open this link in Orfox browser only to access darkweb.

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