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Friday, September 29, 2017

how to download android premium application and game totally free

Download any Premium Android applications and games for free

Android is hitting global market with Android outstanding performance and features. Android is fully customizable now but some featuers you getting with default system rom. Apart from that you can't customize anything with default way so you need to download some applications to do these customizing.
So that is why you got to download some applications  which is not free in playstore. Sometimes you wish to having ads free or wish to use premium features of any Android application or game,so what will you going to do?
would you like to find in google search engine (which is really time wasting work ) or you want to download any premium/pro Applications and Games directly without doing google search ( which will save your time)
You can find many more ways to download premium Applications and Games but is only focus to provide neat stuffs and contents. It's good to get two good things rather than get ten worst thing.

Download Premium application legally-

GetApk Market-
To download android premium Applications and Games GetApk is the best option for this. GetApk has all premium applications and games plus get apk support free applications and games as same Playstore.

  1. Download GetApk v1.6.93 from here - Download ( 1.12 M.B )
  2. After downloding and installation open the application then find premium Applications and Games to download them.
  3. To instantly download any premium application right from Playstore follow below steps-

  • Open Playstore and tap on any Paid or premium application
  • Then just scroll downward for sharing button
  • Now just tap on Share icon right from Playstore
  • Then You'll find GetApk icon,tap over the GetApk icon
  • GetApk will fetch the link and you can see a GET option in GetApk application
  • Then Just choose to download any version of your apk file.

Watch the video tutorial

Blackmart alpha-
Blackmart Alpha also has tons of Premium and pro application and license file. Blackmart alpha is simple as Playstore and GetApk.

  1. Download Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.111B from here - Download ( 5.5 M.B)
  2. After downloading and installation open application and just find the application by name.


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