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Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to get approval Google AdSense account

Get AdSense approved easily

How to get approval Google AdSense

Hey there all....!
I'm Rahul Paul here.

Most probably who are reading this post right now either you are a blogger or a website/application developer or you trying to make some money online.

If you Google anytime for making money from your website or blog or your application so the result should come Google AdWords is the best option to making real Money.AdSense allows you to make earning from your blog,your website or from your application. The amount is good enough for make some money. All around the world most of people depending on Google AdSense same as professional way to make money from AdSense. Whenever you search for answers "What is best alternative of AdSense" you'll get some resources to make money but they won't pay you as like Google AdSense provide you. Hance, some people get trapped by some fraud website and loose all money that they have earned. Google AdSense never will cheat with you. How much you earned with Google AdSense,google automatically deposit your first 100 dollars in your bank account. In case you just added your AdSense with your blogger or website or any application for an example - you reached 20 dollars in your AdSense account you can't withdraw the amount until it reach 100 dollars. But in case you needed to withdrawn the amount that you reach out then just disable your AdSense account, Google will deposit your amount to your bank account,how much your AdSense have. This was some positive statement about AdSense. 

Approve your Google AdSense account-

You are in right place to learn how to get approval your AdSense account easily.
Read this paragraph properly to understand how get done.

  1. To achieve the goal of AdSense account use a light theme that load your website so fast. ( Like if you use WordPress or blogger use a first loading theme)
  2. If you made a website then include many text on your homepage ( Upto 300 to 800 words)
  3. If you are a Blogger then write unique 15-20 post ( Include every post at least 100 to 150 words with heading (h2) (h3), Picture and yes if you can add video then do it.
  4. Make some pages compulsory for AdSense. ( About us - Terms and conditions - privacy and policy - Contact us)
  5. Make sure to add a email address related with your website name. (For an example your website name is - then you should create a email address like-
  6. Link your website/blog with - Facebook page-Twitter-Google+ (That mean Add social network site link in your homepage of your website/blog. See the screenshot below-

- Make sure you add all pages and sitemap link in footer section of your website

- After doing all process then Submit your site to Google- LinkToSubmit

- After submitting your website in Google. Try to get approval with AdSense. Sign up your AdSense account from here- AdSense sign up

After successfully submitting your website or blog wait for three days. After three days you'll get an email.

Don't listen other blogger who says Free domin like .tk .ml couldn't get AdSense approval. Like my had domin.
Till now I got approval from my two blogs.

Comment your any question down to the comment section.

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