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Thursday, September 07, 2017

How to get huge viewers to YouTube channel | Guide step

How to get viewers to your YouTube channel

Hey there...
  This topic might be interesting who has interest to become a Youtuber.
You have idea,you have passion and you are passionate about YouTube but you just made a YouTube channel then what should you do?

See for very first time I like to say who wants make money with YouTube and you just come and made a YouTube channel they must have to straggle for long time.
Since, I've already mentioned Passionate about YouTube then go ahead You'll definitely successful but leave dreaming for Money for first time.

Few tips for new youtuber-

  1. Just look after yourself and find out what you can do better or what you can do better than anyone.
  2. Act real and do real. Don't go for fake content.
  3. If you are just coping from others keep notice that you are doing better than the person where from you coping.
  4. Don't approach anyone to subscribe to your channel. If you collect some subscribers then either few will like or few will never lookup on your channel.
  5. Use the language what you know well.
That's all what I had to say to newbie.

Get huge viewers to your YouTube  channel-

Who are startup a new YouTube channel should understand what is trending now to grow up and get viewers to your channel. Make videos base on trending topic.

- Post daily at least one video to get viewers

You should use popular and trending topic related keywords with your video content.To find popular keywords easily use this tool-

-Write a brief description about the video what you Uploaded.And definitely Add your -Facebook page-Google+-Tweeter link in the description box.

-Use minimalistic and attractive thumbnail.
Remember All topic that I told you from my personal experience. 

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