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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

How to trace someone IP address legally and trace their location

Trace IP Address with Iplogger

Disclaimer- I or Netcraz doesn't support any illegal activity. This tutorial only for Educational purpose only. Below process is totally legal but could be illegal if you use this service for Cyber crime activity.

Genuinely IP tracking service can be used for many purposes.
  • You can track someone currect location[Legal]-
  • Lookup for Network provider info-
  • You can hack someone device and can remotely control-
  • Can do Middle attack-
  • Can do DDOS attack-

below list is some idea that could be done by this service.
Without any permission if you hack any system is logically log for illegal activity.

Those who want to trace or track someone then go ahead if your intention isn't to harm anyone.

Trace IP Address-

To Trace or track someone Ip Address 

- Now simply sign up with any email id ( Doesn't require email verification)

- After sign up process just Login afterward.

- Now press over Triple lines ( Gear icon)

- After clicking over Triple lines (gear icon) a menu will appear. Press on "Create logger" 
Then select "Invisible logger" or select "Your image"

How to use Invisible logger and Your image function?

Invisible logger >>Click on Invisible logger>> then click Generate Link


Your image >>Click on Your image>> then Goto Google and search for any image and copy the image URL and paste the link into Iplogger to generate a link

- If are not understanding my words then just Press "Create logger" then simply chose "Invisible logger"
Now After that just press "Generate link"

- Now copy any link from here.

-After that just send the link to anyone whom you want to trace. Whenever the person click on the link your work is over.

- You can find your victim ip adress on "Your logger" section >> manage loggers >> Just press over any encrypted Serial number (7r6d17zb57) as screenshot shown. You will find the victim ip on there.

To Trace Location and Network provider-

To trace anyone Ip location and Network provider details use these below sites.
Just paste the ip address to trace them.

If you getting any problem or you can't understand anywhere then leave a comment below.

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