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Friday, September 01, 2017

OperaHandler free internet with latest free host+Airtel sim card

Free Internet on Airtel sim

Free internet trick in Opera handler

Free internet trick 2017

Surf free internet in Android device.
We all want to surf free internet but there in no way to do without recharge our data plan either Sim network provider or bandwidth service provider.
But luckily you can surf free internet easily if you have an Airtel sim card.
Free internet in Airtel sim card is free homepage bypass trick. So that isn't any hacking method or this may not cause any type of harm of your sim card.
Free internet with operamini handler been most popular till now we can get presence in 2017.

Not only india,free internet is being surf in another country in various sim card including airtel also.
I've been posted Queencee vpn free internet trick earlier. You can check Queencee vpn free internet trick from here also Link- Queencee vpn free internet trick

Free internet in opera handler-

  • - Goto your phone settings
  • - More or find Cellular network or find Network
  • - Now switch data connection to Airtel sim
  • - Now find "APN" or "Access Point Name"
  • - Create new APN by pressing "+" plus icon

Name- Free
APN- 3gfun.com
Post- 80

now save this APN setting and make it default.

Now Download this OperaHandler - Download OperaHandler

After Downloading the OperaHandler >> Install and Open.

In handler Settings -

  1. [✓]Remove port
  2. Proxy type- HTTP
  3. Proxy server - bnr1.bsbportal.com/rcconf/

now save and wait for 1-2 minutes for fully loading.

Note- Maintain your sim balance 0Do sim network in 3g mode.This is brand new host I don't know the limit of the host,so therefore Use 50-70 m.b if you need.

Another Free hosts are here-

Now Surf free internet in Android.
Free internet On Airtel sim card.
Free internet on OperaHandler 2017.

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