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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Protect Facebook account from being hacked - High security

Protect your Facebook id from being hacked

I already posted another article how you can protect you Facebook account from hackers. Hackers getting more smarter as usual they do and yes you have to admit that without hackers whole cyber security could not stronger.
As you know hackers are three types 
  1. White hat hacker
  2. Grey hat hacker
  3. Black hat hackers
Always remember White hat hackers moto isn't harm anyone or any security. White hat hackers works for Cop or many company for finding system security flaw to fixed them.
Grey hat hackers nor a good person or bad. Grey hat hackers does Hacking for bad reason or good reason it's not a big fact.
Black hat hackers are works illegally stuffs.
Hope I clear hacker group easily. Now come to the main point to prevent from Facebook account hacking.

Hackers could hack your Facebook in many ways-

  • Pisshing 
  • Keylogger
  • Virus
  • Cooking stealing
  • Social engineering
In this article I'll tell you how you can protect yourselves from above hacking list.

Stop being hacked by any hacker-

For the first time I want to say protect your privacy,this is the main fact to getting hacked.

Privacy should be hide from anyone that is what main key to a hacker.
Hide your Date of birth and Date of year.
Hide your contact information. 
Hide your friend list.
To hide all Privacy Goto Facebook settings & privacy >> Privacy >> Do every information "Only me"
(Hackers could not be able to collect your personal information to doing social engineering)

Use a paid vpn to hide your IP address.
But if you can't afford any vpn then use these vpn ex:- Betternet , Hotspot shield , Tunnel Bear and so on....
(This will help you from virus attack or pisshing attack)

Use Popular antivirus application to prevent from virus attack. Playstore Application isn't safe so use these Antivirus- Ex:- AVG, AVAST, Kaspersky, Norton (Jio security same of Norton)
(virus could leak your login information such as " Gmail id and password, Facebook id and password, your Google drive, location, call logs, contact , massages so on)

Use most secure browsers which is available for any platform. Ex- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ( Use https everywhere add-ons for more security ), Brave browser , Opera Browser.
(Save you from cooking stealing many times)

This is last step and Best step which is highly recommended for every Facebook users
Use Facebook "Two factor authentication facility" Therefore you'll need Chrome or Mozilla or Opera browser to configure.
To set-up this security goto " Facebook settings & Privacy >> security and login >> Use two factor authentication.
To learn briefly two factor authentication check out this post-
( This security will help you if a hacker find the password even they can't login your account )

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