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Sunday, September 24, 2017

unblock or reactivate any blocked Facebook account

How to unblock Facebook Blocked Account

hey there ..! 

I just wanted to talk about some serious problems that we sometimes need to know about.
Once a life if you ever used Facebook for long time,I meant to say at least five to three years longer time I'm pretty sure you got blocked your Facebook account.
This isn't like a major problem on Facebook. Nowadays everyone use Facebook for communication purpose except 3% people.
However without Facebook it is just like no way for me and might be some readers who reading this article right now. Now I have also analysed that people are craze about likes and comments which is 80% depending over there friendlist, how much you will gain the list that depends how much likes and comments you will get right?

At this like and comment topic I want to disclose what are going on in internet to gain Likes and Comments. To gain like and comment people are use auto liker and comment site " You can check my autolike and comment post from here "
However the main fact is that fear from getting blocked your Facebook account by using Autolike and Comment site.
Also for some unusual reasonable activity cases account blocked.
So what else should do when you got blocked your Facebook account. Please follow the below process to get rid from blocking issue.


If your Facebook account got blocked then just follow these below conditions.
  1. your blocked Account name and surname should correct as your official name
  2. Your date of birth should same as your identity proof that you already provided to Facebook.
If your Facebook account match these conditions then follow next steps.

Reopen Blocked Facebook account-

To re-open your Blocked Facebook account you'll need a government identity proof ex:- Passport, Driving licence, School identity proof, college identity proof, aadhaar card, voter card anyone from this list or you can check Official Facebook requirements- Go here
So lets start:-

  • Take a clear picture any of the Facebook required identity proof ( Passport, driving license etc)
  • Now just open this link- Facebook verification page
  • after opening the page just provide the correct info
  1. In first box give the Login email id or phone number
  2. In 2nd box give Your full name
  3. Choose the file ( the picture that you have taken as identity proof )
  4. Provide additional information about your account in the last box.
Now just press " Send " button and wait for 3-6 hours to reopen your account by Facebook team.

Hop you'll success to reopen your Blocked Facebook account.
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