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Friday, October 06, 2017

How to change Google Assistant female voice to male voice

Change Google Assistant voice

Google Assistant has been launched last year (2016). At the first time Google Assistant been launched to Android "N" Nought serious in stock ROM devices.
After that Google Assistant start spreading in every beta google application on 2017 (march) in Android marshmallow (M) devices.

Google Assistant is your personal assistant on your Android device which can be control by your voice commands.
Google Assistant can do everything with your voice commands though sometimes some works can't be done itself but can be function with "IFTTT" such as Facebook status updates and so on.
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How to enable and change Google Assistant voice?

If your device is running in Android Marshmallow ( Android 6.0 ) device and still you have not got Android assistant then simply Open playStore >> update your google application (if update available)
After updating the Google application just "Long Press Home" button on your Android device.

Change the Assistant female voice to male voice

To change Google Assistant voice just give a commands to your Google Assistant.

  • Give command - ( Change Voice )
  • Google Assistant - (Here is an example of my other voice. Would you like me to use this one?)
  • Give command - ( no )
  • Google Assistant - (No problem. I'm back to my other)

[[View the snapshot]]

How you can successfully changed the voice .

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