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Thursday, October 12, 2017

How to download torrent files directly in browser

Download torrent files in browser

hey what's up.. Today's article is about to download torrent files directly with your browser.

As you know who seeks any type of file is available on torrent web including copyrighted files. Only copyrighted files are spreading from any torrent web postal, that is why surfing torrent web is totally illegal in many countries. For the security purposes we can use vpn to hide our ip address and also can bypass geo restitutions to access into torrent websites. You can use this VPN to hide your ip - Check here

In this tutorial you can directly download any torrents files with your any web browser. The plus point to download torrent files directly from your browser that is you will get the maximum and minimum speed which you can't be able with torrents extrension.

Steps to download torrent files directly using browser

  1. Goto any torrent website
  2. Tap on any file that you want to download
  3. Now there must be available "torrent link" and "magnet link"
  4. Copy the torrent link [ see below snapshot ]
  5. When you long press over the hyper link,your browser will Pop-up a window to copy the link [ see the below snapshot ]
  6. Now the main part will start from here. just goto
  7. When you open the website you'll get a box, into the box just paste your torrent copied link and just press green button "GO"  [ see the below snapshot ]
  8. After pressing "Go" button the file would be ready for download directly from your browser.

Note- Zbigz support premium membership therefore you can join the premium program to download greater than 1gb files with unlimited speed. Free users can only download files less than 1gb files with low speed.

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