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Sunday, October 01, 2017

How to send password protected messages to anywhere - Full secure and destructed services

Send password protected 

Destructed | Encrypted messages

Hello there ... !!  Netcraz always focused and concerns on your security and concealment. About security and privacy, we can talk about our social media where we everyday spend our lots of time for communication with friends, family. So for communication we use phone calls, messages, Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike messenger, Telegram and others messaging services. Here mentioned every social and messaging services except Telegram non of them are highly secure. Facebook,Hike messenger and normal text messaging services aren't encrypted which mean,the service provider or the developer can read your personal messages and both of them are hackable services. And about Whatsapp and Telegram these two are 128bit encrypted but an hacker can read your sms and media by hacking your device that is mean everything is hackable.
In this tutorial I'll teach you how you can send an fully encrypted message or image media to anyone.

Send free secure encrypted auto destroyable messages

Send free encrypted unhackable messages to anyone and anywhere. allow you send full encrypted and many facilities to send text and image file.

  1. Goto
  2. Then you'll find three boxes "To" "Password" "Message box"
  3. To send a secure messages just avoid "To(optional)" form. (Don't have to set anything)
  4. Click on "Password(optional)" . Set a password.Write your message (see snapshot)
  5. After filling Password and message press on "Send message"
  6. After that you'll get two links 1- Link to read 2-Link to destroy 
    "Copy the link to read the file" and send the link to anyone in your family and friends group . Whenever the person open the link a password will ask the person to read the message (tell the person the password over phone call). Once the message been read, message will destroy automatically from the database. others facilities:-

  • You can set auto destruct | Timed (date to date) | Never expire mode.
  • You can also use these functions- Chat | Stack | encryptor | Imgcrypt allows you to send only one time destructed sms. Just write your message and generate the link. After one time read message will be destruct. allows you to send any message to anyone but there you can set time period  15sec to 5minutes.

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