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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to use two WhatsApp on your pc/laptop

Use two WhatsApp account in Computer

Before getting start you should know how to use WhatsApp web on your computer and laptop. Process are simple and been launched two years ago. Many are knows how to use WhatsApp web in Computer or Laptop. But if you don't know how to use it then please search on YouTube with this "how to use whatsapp web" keyword to know some more about WhatsApp web.

Who gets stick to WhatsApp since long time they might know WhatsApp web but who don't know what is WhatsApp web then the answer is below.

WhatsApp web- WhatsApp web allows you to use your WhatsApp interface like a mirror in your computer,the number will remain same but at the similar time you can use the same account in your mobile device or your computer.

Use 2 WhatsApp in your computer-

 To use two WhatsApp account in your computer (which is called - WhatsApp web) just follow below process.

  • First option any chrome/Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer type in URL bar or click over the link " "
  • Then when the link will open a QR code will appear there.
  • Now take your phone and open WhatsApp >> WhatsApp setting >> WhatsApp web. When you press on WhatsApp web your phone camera should ready to scan the QR Code.
  • Just scan the code and you are ready for use WhatsApp in your computer.
Now final twist to use two WhatsApp

  1. When you completed above process just open a new incognito tab on the same computer.
  2. Now just goto
  3. Then scan another WhatsApp account with in the new incognito tab QR code and you are ready for now.

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