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Friday, October 27, 2017

Send any type of file securely to anyone - disposable file send

Send any type of file with disposable service

Hey what's up guys.. how are you doing all? Wish to have good time with you always.

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Alright lets begin-

You feel that files those you send over internet using WhatsApp, Telegram, Hike, Facebook always securely sends to the other side user? Stop thinking right now.

Hackers can hack any type of your social media by many ways either you are using a secure platform or not because bugs are everywhere into your device or into your mind 😁 LoL
An hacker attempt hacking by finding your device or your mind Vulnerability (social engineering)
So, for security reason I'm sharing this post cause whenever you sharing your important personal files over internet  you can be secure.

Send disposable files using Mozilla service

To send disposable files you are going to use Mozilla service.
  • First goto
  • Then choose any file to send 
  • When you finished uploading just share the link to your friend
  • Once your friend open the file,the link and the file will delete automatically.

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