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Monday, November 27, 2017

How to set Facebook custom username

How to set Facebook custom username

Facebook is related to everyone at this decade right? Yeah everyone does.
So Facebook have many features tht you are probably don't know as of now. Some users should related with Facebook custom username and I believe that some of you are related with Facebook custom username.

Why should you use your custom username?

Ans- there are many points that you should know about pros of username.
  1. Ease to remember
  2. Don't you have to share your registered phone/ email to anyone for finding your id.
  3. You can use username for login instead of registered email/phone number.

Set own custom Facebook username/url

To set your own username or to change your username name please follow below steps properly.
  • Login your Facebook account on a web browser. (Ex- Chrome/Firefox/Opera)
  • Then simply copy this url  to open in  another window or optionally you can click here
  • After clicked over the link you'll redirected Facebook general setting section.
  • On the page you'll notice box.
  • Set your any desire username on the box. ( For an example my username is Rahulzprofilez. So you should enter your own username name on the box)
  • After that process when you going to save the username Facebook might ask your Facebook password once, just five your Facebook password and press save.

Guys for any question or for any tricks you can leave your comment below boxes.

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