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Friday, November 03, 2017

How to setup 2 step authorization on Gmail account

Setup Two step authorization

You know our second communication contact is email. More than others email providers people uses google email service called Gmail.

An one google account handle whole service like Gmail,google play, paly games, Android login manager, google home, google Assistant, blogger , google photos, google drive and so on.
Now you got how Gmail/google account is important to our life.

Our whole privacy and whole data only depends on a single password which can be hack by any hacker.
So instead of the single password you can add extra security layer to your Gmail account which is usually called Two step authorization or two step security.
So let's jump into the setup program.

Google/Gmail two step authorization setup

  • To setup two step authorization for your Gmail/google account take your Smart phone or open your pc
  • Now just click on this link now there will see an interface like below snapshot 
  • Now just tap over Sign-in & Security
  • Now after tap on sign-in & security you will see 2-step verification just tap on there 
  • Then simply you will notice "Get started" after opening 2-step verification page
  • Tap on Get started and then just select your country and paste your phone number to activate 2-step verification on your Gmail/Google account

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