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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

10 ways to enable night mode on Android devices

10 ways to enable Night mode on any android device

Night mode is being rolling out in IOS and android in same time after IOS device. Like if you are using Android nougat device then you should get night mode into your default setting. 

  • Now sure some of you have this question that why do we use night mode.?
  • My answer ~ Does you ever asked why we fall asleep? No?  Night mode something good for your eyes and your good sleep. Whenever you feel asleep brain produce hormone called melatonin. But when you use your phone before you sleep brain don't produce the same amount melatonin hormone that should proof for a good sleep.

Enable night mode on Android nougat devices

Make sure that you have Android nougat device. Take your phone and goto 
Setting> screen> Night mode> enable Night light

This is how you can enable night mode from default setting.

Enable night mode on any android device

As you know lower version of nougat can't be enable night mode from the default setting then we can here use night mode applications that works good.

  1. iblue light Blue light filter - iblue light is the nano application on Playstore that size 83kb and ad free.
  2. Bluelight filter pro - This is the best application that I installed on my device. Lots of feature is available to this application.
  3. Twilight - Twilight is definitely good and ad free application which hits editor choice at playstore.
  4. Night shift - Night shift another newest application that includes 5 Filters inbuilt.
  5. Night owl - Night owl doing regularly fixe and works a lot for their users with best bug free filters.
  6. Night mode - Night mode is another smaller size application for Android.
  7. Screen filter - 67kb size for low ra devices.
  8. Screen dimmer - Screen dimmer No ads but get full feature by purchase.

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